Tips for Touring Some of Benalmadena’s Unique Daytime Destinations

Found on the Costa del Sol in Spain, Benalmadena contains a wide variety of attractions to offer every person, regardless of whether you like cultural artifacts and structures, or perhaps modern-day architecture, boating, golfing, marketplaces, grooving or perhaps those who will be curious about Europe’s largest sized house of butterflies. You will find a location or vacation spot to suit any traveler.

While journeying through Benalmadena I’ve personally experienced plenty of really incredible things and like to think I have come to be a bit of a guru about the subject, so permit me to lead you through my personal favorite destinations in the Benalmadena region.

Starting off in Benalmadena Pueblo it is possible to spend a complete vacation traveling all over this area and enjoying the astonishing buildings, some of which go as far back to the Bronze Age it truly is an amazing accomplishment that a great number of these houses are still upright. For people who have taken a liking for the buildings produced by this era maybe the Archaeology Gallery in Benalmadena Pueblo has to be your thing, this gallery features many locally procured items as well as curiosities from all around the same period and is also a great resource for local history.

Following that upon your list ought to be the Benalmadena Butterfly park, or as the local people call it it Mariposario de Benalmadena, aka Europes most well know butterfly house. Found next door to the Buddhist temple the butterfly park is stunning – this unique 2000 square meter park contains in excess of Fifteen hundred butterflies which fly totally free through the entire exotic setting.

You might want to go down to the Costa del Sol markets following that – these markets take place all around the coast and relocate from location to location day-to-day you will be able to find them in both Arroy de la Miel inside Tivoli World car park or Benalmadena Pueblo inside the Plaza del Algual every Friday to check out some of the local produce such as ceramics, blankets, apparel and other Spanish curiosities. If you are in this region expect to barter for merchandise because the regional distributors like to hike their prices for visitors.

If you have been pulling the kids throughout markets and galleries and museums all day you may want to have a stop off at Tivoli World in Arroyo de la Miel next. The acceptable entry cost will cover the vast majority of theme parks rides and attractions. Complete with exhibits, gardens and restaurants for the grown-ups Tivoli World is a superb spot for an evening trip since it is open right up till late evening and that is perfect since it is usually extremely warm through the day, but the balmy evening air is ideal for such an outting.