The Adventure Satisfying Indian Experience: Top 5 Adventure Sports in India

India is one country which signifies the true meaning of diversity in all aspects – culture, landscape, climate, languages, cuisine etc. Another diverse aspect of the Indian sub-continent is the varied natural build-up of the land and the weather conditions. While one could scorch in the heat of the Deccan at one moment, he or she could be shivering in the chills of the Himalayas the next – all within the same geographical sub-continent. Owing to this varied natural landscape, the country gives adventure enthusiasts a sparkle in the eye at the very thought of it – the land of adventure sports galore!

In such adrenaline gushing settings, it gets really hard to pick the top 5 adventure sports in India. But here is a vague attempt at it.

1. Braving the Himalayan Snow: Skiing in Pehalgam, Auli

The deep valleys laden with thick snow in Kashmir and Auli in Uttarakhand provide for a perfect skiing holiday in the mighty Himalayas. The winter months are the best time to ski, snowboard, or enjoy any such ice based adventure activities in the northern part of the country.

2. Meandering in the Himalayan Rivers: White Water Rafting in Manali

A lot of mighty rivers gorge through the towering Himalayas, and the steep nature of these high mountains provide for some of the best rapids to be had for rafting. White water rafting as an adventure sport is full of thrills, and the picturesque Himalayan slopes in the background promise some pretty pictures when you try your hand at taming these wild rapids. Kullu and Manali are two such destinations where rafting and other adventure water sports such as Kayaking can be enjoyed.

3. Indian Ocean Exploration: The Andamans Scuba Experience

If you are tired of keeping your head over the water in all these activities, then why not let it slide through under it? Andaman and Nicobar is a conglomerate of coral islands towards the southern side of the country, and home to some of the best underwater dives, snorkels and maritime sports activities. Make sure to stop by at the Havelock Island, to scuba through some of the most immaculate underwater sights in the Indian Ocean.

4. Meet the Indian Mainland Head-On: Sky Dive in Deesa, Gujarat

Skydive into the heartland to witness the sheer expanse and natural beauty of the country, and one would not want to snap out of the experience. Although vast open spaces of Deesa in Gujarat are the most preferred spots by sky divers, one can experience beautiful dives in Amby Valley, Maharashtra, Dhana, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka.

5. The World Famous Himalayan Climbs and Treks

You can’t afford missing a climb up the peaks, when you are at the very land of the highest mountain range in the world. Himalayas has numerous spots spread across the northern part of the country, where one can indulge in mountaineering activities such as flying fox, rappelling, jumaring, trekking etc. These Himalayan escapes surely have a lot to offer to climbers of all skill levels.