TV on the Road – Entertainment Systems For Travel Trailers and RVs

Travel trailers, fifth wheels, RVs – call them what you will but for those of us that love to live in them they are home. And one likes to surround oneself with the amenities of modern living whether the home is mobile or not. Some place the priority of mobile living on escape – going to the country, finding the quiet and relaxing. Others want to embrace the RV lifestyle while remaining connected to current events and their favorite television programs. Still others, especially those with children, find that it is important to bring along with their home TV, music, Internet and video games. The priorities of entertainment vary and are as numerous as the models and options of travel vehicles.

These days technology is certainly on our side. The entertainment system options in RVs have changed dramatically in the last few years. Television screens alone have made an amazing difference to the necessary efficiency of travel trailers and RVs. Where before a small, relatively speaking, 19″ screen required a much bigger devotion of space than do the massive screens of today. Doing away with the tube was perhaps one of the biggest advances in RV entertainment technology. In addition to efficiency of space these flat screen TVs add the possibility of multiple televisions. This is especially helpful for a family traveling with kids.

Often new RVs and travel trailers come equipped with entertainment systems. When shopping for a new vehicle it is important to understand what is included with the quote. Often one sees a show model which is outfitted with the fullest package while the quoted price does not include the full entertainment system displayed. While entertainment system upgrades are generally available make sure that the hike in cost is realistic when compared to the actual cost of the additional components. This is an important consideration when one considers that electronics stores often offer great deals on the various components of an entertainment system. However, the additional cost can be worth it for a vehicle that is fully equipped and ready to roll on day one. A professional or factory installed entertainment system can save a lot of space and do away with the eyesore and hassle of the cables and connecting hardware of additional equipment.

If one already owns a travel trailer or RV and is looking to upgrade the entertainment system it is important to consider such things as size, storage and compatibility. Certain questions should be answered. Can this component be hooked up with minimum hassle such as pulling out existing components to get at the plugs in the back? When not in use can it be stored while respecting the efficiency of space? Can it be plugged into and powered by the existing power sources of the RV?

The options for entertainment on the road are vast and today’s technology makes them incredibly flexible. Finding the right options for you and your travel companions is important. Take the time to make the right choice.


Education Travel – Holiday and Learning Simultaneously

Despite economic stagnation in Asia and Europe, travel industry is expected to grow with a rapid pace. In recent few years, more and more people have been exploring options both in domestic and international locations, thanks to the inspiring novels, online travel portals and well- enhanced facilities available. Several innovative and interesting biz ideas are also coming into market, which give boost to the industry on large scale. Education travel is one such idea in the box that promotes tourism among students and educational professionals.

Universities in the U.K. & U.S.A. attract galore overseas students. This is not only because they offer high quality courses, but also more attractive things to explore the career exposure of students in respective countries. Quality accommodations and delightful amenities are some other reasons why students head on to these western countries. But one thing quite prominent in this matter is the education travel biz a number of companies pursue worldwide.

The companies promote tourism, providing quality travel info and customized deals for students, individual as well in educational institutes, on both domestic and international tours. The major motive of education travel is to build a stronger and more enduring connection between students and the communities they visit. With strong guide interpretation, experiential programming and substantive involvements, education travel makes the trip worthwhile.

While searching before writing this blog, what I found is that education travel is on its way to become the most significant part of travel industry. Many new players have forayed into this specialized market, which according to experts is recession-proof and has great potential in Asia and Europe. The biz offers something interesting for students of all segments – playing and learning activities for kids, while educational programs like historical and language tour for high-school students. Health and safety of students is kept on priority, while attempts are made to bring their interests and skills out.

Recently, during an historical tour, students from a collage of Delhi University were taken to the Qutub Minar in Delhi and then to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Students were divided into groups and then given a task to find similarities and difference between the two monuments, both structurally and symbolically. A photo contest was also fixed among interested candidates, and the winner got financial aid for the trip up to 70 % of total cost. The photos taken at the trip were later used for discussion questions and classroom activities. Literally, it sounds pleasurable, interesting and great learning. Doesn’t it?

Since education travel is blooming and many travel companies offer customized arrangements for, you can easily plan a trip for you. Determine your requirements like number of people in your group and your travel theme etc along with how much you’re ready to pay in advance. Now contact a reputed travel company to get a deal that matches your needs and budget. A wide range of education travel packages are however available online to choose from.


How to Avoid Being Ripped Off on Free and Discount Travel Deals

Traveling can be fun and a great getaway from the normal stresses of life. But since traveling can also be very expensive, many people look for travel deals and discounts to make it more affordable.

The problem is some of these discounts and offers are bogus and can end up causing major disappointment and serious cash.

This article will let you in on some of the on-going scams and how to avoid them, saving you money and your sanity.

1. Vacation Clubs – These clubs offer membership in return of buying vacations at cheaper prices. The problem is that some of the travel packages may not really be discounted. You can perhaps make comparisons of other travel packages from other places but the details tend to get in the way as they can be complicated and may vary so much that it’s hard to compare. Also, membership fees for some vacation clubs are through the roof. It makes no sense to pay outrageous fees if you are not even getting a real discount in your travels in the first place. If you are planning to sign up with a vacation club then do so with one that charges moderate prices and that services your social needs.

2. Become a Travel Agent – Some people are fooled by the “become a travel agent and get travel discounts and freebies” scam. They make you pay a fee and then you get the title of travel agent. Of course you know that travel agents can get deals on vacations and traveling but that applies to ones that are employed to a legitimate travel agency and persons in associations such as the Cruise Line Association. Another thing to keep in mind is that travel perks for travel agents aren’t as grand as they once were anyway so if you see anything resembling this make a b-line and don’t look back. I guarantee you that this is a scam.

3. Low Prices – Prices offered may look good but the truth is that there are hidden costs and fees that you may not even know about. As a result the cost gets higher and chances are you’ve already locked yourself into making the purchase. Ensure to read the fine print and find out all the costs linked to the vacation before you decide to pay.

4. Free Trips – You have to ask the question, ‘Why would I be getting a 100% free trip and I didn’t even enter a contest or go on a game show?” If you are offered a free cruise for instance, then chances are you will have to pay your way to get to the cruise ship which may be across the country, then you end up paying the cost of the room they assign to you, the food and drinks, gratuity and entertainment fees. As a result, the cruise ticket was free but with all the other expenses you’ve racked up, you may have spent more than a person that didn’t win a free trip.

There are a lot of scams in the travel industry but with proper precautions, you won’t fall prey to their tactics. You have to be skeptical when something seems too good to be true.

There are places you can check out in order to investigate claims made by these scam artists such as American Association of Travel Agents or Cruise Lines International Association.

Also, keep an eye out for the Better Business Bureau Certification on internet travel businesses as good-standing businesses care about their reputation and this seal of approval assures their customers that they are indeed legitimate. In addition, customer reviews will tell you a lot about the operations.

Do they seem too good to be true or do they entail bad occurrences as well?