Zodiac Watches For the Adventurer – Want a Pilot Watch? Surf Watches and More!

Zodiac watches are uncommon Swiss timepieces for the adventurer in all of us. Zodiac set to capture the imagination of those who live life on the edge and need a wristwatch that will see them through. A Zodiac is a sport watch first, and there are many flavors to suit. If you love to fly, there’s a pilot collection – aviation timepieces galore. If you love the sea, then surf and scuba diving watches might be your fancy. If NASCAR would get your motor running, then the racing wrist accessory would be right up your alley. Whatever your time telling needs you’ll benefit from a Zodiac watch review.

The Zodiac Watch company was born in 1882 in Le Locle, Switzerland. It was started by the son of a watchmaker, Ariste Calame. The company first started out as a workshop making specialty watches. Calame had an obsession with the idea of creating the most timepiece the world had ever known. It was this drive that saw the launch of his first pocket watch and from there, the rest was history, the Zodiac empire was born.

Who wears Zodiac sports wear?
Zodiac watches are worn by those who are defined by the adventure they seek. The ones who are always the first in line to find the most exciting… the most fascinating. They have always had the spirit… it was there when they were younger and it’s never disappeared.

The water lover with a penchant for an automatic dive watch would be delighted. The thrill seeker who’s pining for aviation watches would be amazed and pleased.

The Zodiac collection comes in six styles:
The ZMX is the focal point of all Zodiac watches. It’s bold. It’s daring. It’s precision when the precise is what is needed. The Zodiac ZMX comes in quartz chronograph and quartz and they have automatic styles also. It’s the jack of all sport accessory.

The Zodiac Aviator is the pilot watch. If you’d rather be in the cockpit, or flying from New York to LA than be on the ground, then this timepiece offers the feel of vintage cockpit instrumentation. The strap is reminiscent of the old bomber jackets worn by pilots from days of old. These aviation high-flyers are made to please.

The Zodiac Diver is for those who love or need scuba diving wrist pieces that offer precision and legibility under the most difficult of circumstances. The Zodiac Diver is a great surf or sailing timepiece, and offers strong function to those who love to be at, or below sea level. It’s among the best dive watch collections there are.

The Zodiac Adventure is a quartz chronograph made for those that need durable, sturdy, reliable wrist pieces that survive in tough environments, and sustain through any journey.

The Zodiac Racer is the watch for those who love speed and all that going fast has to offer. Available in quartz and quartz chronographs, if zooming is your thing, and a NASCAR watch would suit you best, then the Zodiac Racer is the watch for you.

Zodiac Sports Collection offers personalization. What’s your favorite team? You’ll find it with Zodiac Sport. Are you a couch potato with eyes locked on the big screen TV when your favorite game comes on? Well, Zodiac has your team. The sport timepiece is what they do. They understand!

Zodiac Watch offers every kind of timepiece for every kind of aficionado – scuba diving, sport, pilot, surf, NASCAR, automatic, chronographs, you name it, they’ve got it. If the world of sport and adventure is the world you love, Zodiac watches has something for you.